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We are professional Accountants providing business services in taxation, accounting and business advice. 

We are people friendly with business expertise to work with as a partner and we will deal with Inland Revenue Department on your behalf. 

We aim to provide the best quality accounting service at an affordable rate for property investors and small to medium-size businesses. 

More reasons for you to appoint us to work for you:

  • We have over 20 years of experience and well understand the challenges property investor and small to medium business owners are facing. 

  • We are able to use simple words to explain your financials in a friendly yet professional way. 

  • We listen to your needs and will provide you with all possible options available to you.

  • We can prepare accounting documentation for a variety of purposes such as tax returns, loan applications, immigration applications, etc.

  • With our expertise, we can provide you with fruitful consultancy advice for your property investment and small to medium-size business.

  • Our fee is reasonable, affordable, and flat for the year with no surprise hidden charge.

James Chan (JC)
Managing Director

Graduated from the University of Auckland, James became a chartered accountant for 20+ years. He is passionate to help people to achieve financial goals.  James has many years of accounting experience in a variety of industries.  His skills and experience in financial and management accounting make him an expert in business as a consultant. He also has a passion for real estate and would provide good advice in property investment.  James came from Hong Kong many years ago and can speak fluent English and Chinese. 

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